Mike Bianco (USA/WA)

What are the rights of non-human life forms? Listen closely to the history and politics embedded in the plants of St George Square in this multi-sensory walk.

Is this for me? A chance to champion botanical rights. Involves touching organic materials.

Year 2017
Venue Cathedral Square – outdoors 

Mike Bianco is an artist, curator, researcher, activist, and beekeeper, originally from San Francisco and now currently based in Perth. Bianco’s work engages a number artforms and materials – both living and non-living, and focuses on issues of politics, environment, sustainability, community activism, energy decline, and the impending“century of crisis.” Bianco’s work has been exhibited in numerous venues around the world, ranging from PICA, to the Kenpoku Art Festival in Ibaraki, Japan. Bianco has conducted extensive research focused on the subjects of food, craft, and sustainability in locations that include Oaxaca, Mexico, Northern France, Fukushima, Japan, NorthernTanzania and Zanzibar, and the United States.

Photos by Matt Sav

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The Trees of St. George Square The Trees of St. George Square The Trees of St. George Square The Trees of St. George Square