James Berlyn (WA)

Sweetlife is a kind of message in a kind of game. But you have to choose how to receive the message. And afterwards, you’ll have to figure out what to do with it. So, is your life sweet enough, and would you make it any sweeter if you knew how much you had left? Time’s up!

Is this for me? For those into lollies, game play and existential modification.

Year 2012
Venue The Blue Room Theatre – Kaos Room

James Berlyn did a dance degree last century and has been faking it ever since across contemporary dance, theatre, performance, community art and education. He made an award winning one-on-one show Tawdry Heartburns Manic Cures a few years back and between tours wanted to make a new work and create a context in which to show it. He came up with a silly idea for a group show and some amazing people took it seriously; hence Proximity Festival and Sweetlife. 

James wishes to thank PICA and Performing Lines WA for their ongoing support.

Photos by Ashley de Prazer

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