Lill Colgan (WA)

Invoke the spirit of Andy Warhol’s muse, Candy Darling, in this invisible performance. Surrounded by daily urban bustle, Reflux of a Blush is a mosaic of everyday actions exploring queer visibility, freedom, and autonomy.

Is this for me? A conspicuous encounter, those who like to dissolve boundaries.

Year 2017
Venue Perth City Library 

Lill Colgan is a multi-disciplinary artist and curator based in Perth. Colgan’s work broadly investigates the fields of sexuality and queer theory in relation to art practice. They are interested in the latent social structures within everyday life that informan individual’s identity. Their investigations predominantly take the form of video,performance and installation. Through these media, Colgan considers how art might allow individuals to challenge social power structures and navigate the complexities of identity. Since graduating Colgan has exhibited in multiple group shows includingHatched National Graduate Show at PICA, Unsettle at Paper Mountain and Passing/Parades at Success ARI.

This project is supported by Vitalstatistix through Adhocracy.

Photos by Jack Ball 

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Reflux of a Blush Reflux of a Blush Reflux of a Blush Reflux of a Blush Reflux of a Blush