The Proximity model involves:

Lab and Mentorship
Curated artists / groups attend a two-week Lab prior to the Festival. Facilitated by the curators and guest provocatuer, the Lab aims to encourage artists to step beyond their artform comfort zones and provide a space experimentation in-situ. This is a critical part of the Proximity model and is unique in its structure; it challenges, invigorates and strengthens participants’ practices, with a core focus on participatory performance-making, site-responsiveness, intimate experiences and artistic rigour.

Festival and Performance Season
Proximity Festival runs for two weeks and involves a curated season of intimate one-on-one performances, a series of free talks with national speakers, a public workshops and additional programming specific to each site. Audiences can select a program of four performances lasting up to 70 minutes or experience a marathon of all performances lasting four hours.

Above: Emily Parsons Lord, You will always be wanted by me, 2015 Art Gallery of WA Photo: Matt Sav
Right: Proximity Lab, 2016 Photo: Loren Kronemyer