Janette McGinty (WA)

A humorous look at the turmoil bodily function can have on a contemporary employee. Hydrosisis an example of the lengths to which we will go when trying to make our involuntary secretions behave.

Is this for me? For those who don’t mind a little sweat. Not suitable for those who suffer from intense claustrophobia.

Year 2012
Venue The Blue Room Theatre – Storeroom 

As an experimental theatre deviser, storyteller and performer, Janette McGinty launches the intimate into the public with gusto whilst wrapping it in a cloak of her Scottish humour. Janette is a regular contributor to Perth’s Barefaced Stories true story platform and in 2011 she performed Bursting and, following performances in London, Sud Stories, at The Blue Room Theatre.

Photos by Ashley de Prazer

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Hydrosis Hydrosis Hydrosis Hydrosis