Jen Jamieson (WA)

A live-art work exploring the practical realities of one particular sustainability bugbear – the domestic shower. Leading by example, learn how to get it all done, save the planet and come out smelling as fresh as an environmentally-aware daisy in 3 minutes.

Is this for me?For those who are concerned about sustainable water use and don’t mind getting involved if offered the chance. Potential nudity.

Year 2012
Venue The Blue Room Theatre – Dressing Room

Jen Jamieson uses video, photography and performance making. Her work is often physical, durational, visual, and aims to blur the boundaries between audience and artist. Jen makes herself vulnerable and through this allows humour to emerge.Shopping til you drop. ‘Building’ endless Ikea chairs against the clock. Lying supine. Banal repetition. Intimate photographic self-portraiture. A 15-minute endurance performance. Vitalstatistix gathered by literally physically moving the audience.

Photos by Ashely de Prazer

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How To Have a 3 Minute Shower How To Have a 3 Minute Shower How To Have a 3 Minute Shower How To Have a 3 Minute Shower