Tyrone Robinson (WA)

What does it feel like to be the top of the food chain? Consent invites audiences to consider the value of a life and our capacity for empathy when confronted with our own power.

Is this for me? An experiment in human compassion. Involves artist nudity.

Year 2017
Venue St George’s Cathedral, Lower Burt Hall

Tyrone Robinson is a Perth-based artist whos practice is grounded in contemporary dance. His most recent practice explores religion, culture and rituals. Tyrone has worked extensively with a large number of Australian based choreographers and dancers. He began nurturing a connection to the east coast working with Lucy Guerin and recently created ‘KS Project’ a dance/art installation commissioned City of Perth for the opening the new Kings Square, in the Perth CBD. Now entering a more choreographic career stream he has began working with Australian dance companies such as Co3 and SydneyDance Company. Tyrone’s success with the 2017 STRUT Seed Residency sees him with a growing support network and more creative opportunities awaiting him.

Photos by Matt Sav

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