Arts Hub November 2015 By Zoe Barron
“This year, the Proximity Festival is stronger than ever. There was still a timidness to some of the pieces, but it’s undercut by a deft curatorial hand, just out of view. The performances, as well as the structure of the festival, are executed with a sure and playful confidence. This year, the Proximity Festival turns four, and its maturity – blatantly demonstrated in venue – is palpable.”

The West Australian 2015 By David Zampatti
“The annual Proximity Festival moves to the pointy end of the plane this year, taking up residence in the elegant surrounds of the Art Gallery of WA after stints in the Blue Room, PICA and the Fremantle Arts Centre. The dozen one-on-one performances and encounters that comprise the event are also an exploration of the gallery, from its grand exhibition halls to its deep-delved foundations. There’s sometimes a second layer of audience for the performances; gallery visitors watching the artist – and you – doing your things. Proximity is an impressive achievement..  It’s often instantly stimulating and it can be frustratingly elusive, but Proximity is never even remotely an everyday occurrence.”

RealTime issue #130 Dec-Jan 2016 pg. 12 by Nerida Dickinson
“Carefully curated programs A, B and C take the Proximity Festival’s audiences along distinct pathways of experience, whether individually or as a marathon effort of 12 consecutive unique engagements. At the Art Gallery of Western Australia, works are performed in a selection of open spaces and behind-the-scenes locations, sometimes mingling with gallery patrons in the festival’s new daytime schedule… This year’s works each provoke in different ways, from subject matter to presentation to startling self-revelation. Some site-specific works engage closely with the gallery’s surrounds, history and architecture. Some intensely personal works depend upon the audience’s own internal resources. Some are contemplatively conceptual and some see the audience become part of a public art piece. Proximity Festival breaks new ground in 2015, both with the profile of its hosting venue and in the careful selection of provocative pieces. No work seems included for novelty value alone, performers having developed tight conceptual expression and working to a consistently high standard… Curators Sarah Rowbottam and Kelli McCluskey continue to develop the skills and sensibilities of performers and audiences in the peculiar challenges of one-on-one performance, driving not only Proximity Festival’s future scope but possibilities across the entire form.

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2014 Media
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2012 Media
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FORMULA1 Buggy Proximity Festival Opening 2014 Photo: Jarrad Seng