The twelve Proximity Festival performances take place simultaneously throughout AGWA Galleries and hidden spaces during the day. Each curated program (A, B, C) runs for 90 minutes and features four different experiences.

Wednesday 28 – Saturday 31 October, Monday 2 – Sunday 8 November (closed Tuesday)
Sessions: 11:45am | 1:00pm | 2.30pm
$45 per program – includes entry to Day Spa
$135 marathon of all programs – includes entry to Day Spa and Party for 1: Opening Celebration
18+ event – booking fees apply. Marathons are limited across the Festival and sell fast.

Proximity Festival Performances are now sold out.


Artists: Chloe Flockart, Malcolm Whittaker, Mish Grigor, Jackson Eaton.

Monopolly Chloe Flockart (WA)
Are you in the market for a new body part?
Please be assured this is a solid investment in your future that will allow you to become part of a $30.6 billion dollar industry.
Property inspections are welcome.
Is this for me? A consultation that will open your eyes to an illicit, lucrative industry.

Once of Twice Daily Malcolm Whittaker (NSW)
Let’s talk art whilst partaking in a daily ritual that’s usually done solo.
Discover an undiscovered intimacy amongst the gallery’s most historical collections.
Is this for me? A sensory experience leaving you with a fresh aftertaste.

Sex Talk Mish Grigor (NSW)
Read from transcripts of the artist and her brother discussing bedroom preferences.
You’ll become part of a humorous, painful and awkward family sex drama. Note: not sexy.
Is this for me? A darkly humorous insight into the exploits of an ordinary family.

Current Mood Jackson Eaton (VIC)
Go on a date to the gallery as your online self where selfies are the new self-portraits and emojis are the new emotions.
Pics or it didn’t happen.
Is this for me? A playful stroll around the gallery. We’ll supply the phones.


Tom Blake, Phillip Adams, Mei Saraswati, Caroline Garcia 

Micronational Tom Blake (WA)
Build a new physical, psychological and digital State – the State of You.
Find it, found it, leave it. We will protect it.
Is this for me? A fast-paced experience questioning the territories that divide us.

After Phillip Adams (VIC)
A surreal encounter with the other. Surrender yourself to a transformative abduction echoing cult groups, utopian impulses and conformity.
This is the landing site of tomorrow.
Is this for me? A spatial oddity. Contains artist and invited audience nudity.

Meditations on Water Mei Saraswati (WA)
Connect with a forgotten landscape using water as your instrument.
Delve into old memories whilst creating new sonic ones.
Is this for me? A sensory exchange with powerful insights into our local wetlands.

Beings-unlike-us Caroline Garcia (NSW)
Immerse yourself in the ancient mythology of the Philippines.
Take part in a series of guided rituals sampled from tribal Filipino spirituality.
Is this for me? A fleeting encounter with a mythic being. Contains food and smells.


Leon Ewing, Emily Parsons-Lord, Brett Smith, Jo Bannon 

Raised by Brutalism Leon Ewing (WA)
Warmly embrace the cold hard edges of architectural heritage. Raw concrete, bass and the gift of indifference.
Is this for me? A sonic experience with low frequencies and strong vibrations.

You will always be wanted by me Emily Parsons-Lord (NSW)
A daytime stargaze. Let’s get close to starlight older than our Earth.
Together we can explore our connection to celestial astronomy.
Is this for me? An inter-planetary experience into the sublime. Contains the use of smoke.

When you’re here, I’m nowhere Brett Smith (WA)
A solo sound and light journey into the unknown.
It might be for you, about you, or for someone else entirely.
Is this for me? For those who don’t mind being immersed in a moment of intimacy.

Dead Line Jo Bannon (UK)
Take a moment to contemplate your mortality.
Just because you can’t talk to the dead doesn’t mean you can’t talk to the living.
Is this for me? A reflective conversation tailored for all comfort levels.


Day Spa:
Take the time to treat yourself in Day Spa before or after you experience the Proximity performances. This is a space to be, rather than to do. Our prepper will guide you into relaxation. Entry to Day Spa is for ticket holders only. You must arrive at the Gallery no later than 15 minutes prior to your performance start time to access the spa. Opening hours: 11.00am – 4.30pm Wednesday – Sunday

Conditions of entry:
Proximity Festival is an 18+ event. Please wear enclosed shoes. Proximity Festival reserves the right to stop performances at anytime for the health and safety of both artist and audience member. Due to the unique nature of Proximity Festival, late arrivals will not be admitted. If you are running late or can no longer attend, please contact AGWA on the day (08) 9492 6600.

Image by Matt Sav.