Free Public Talks

Wake up and start your morning with caffeine-fuelled discussions, collective actions and intimate gallery tours led by interesting people worth meeting. We’ve got something to talk about, but we don’t want to bore you with the usual set-up so we’ve introduced a few distinctive ways to share it with you.

All events take place at the Art Gallery of WA.

I didn’t ask to see this
Free Event – 
Friday 30 October 10am – 11.30am

Speakers: Frances Barrett Artist & Curator, Campbelltown Arts Centre [remote speaker], Robert Cook Curator, Contemporary International Art, Art Gallery of WA, Helen Cole Artistic Director, In Between Time & Proximity 2015 Provocateur, Sebastian Goldspink Director, Alaska Projects, Mish Grigor Artist & Co-founder POST Facilitator: Kelli Mccluskey Proximity Festival Curator & Co-founder pvi collective

Bemused, curious or downright disapproving of random acts of art in public spaces? We discuss the implications and possibilities of making living artworks in public institutions. How do we navigate the additional layer of passers-by as complicit spectators, OH&S obligations and governing agencies? Gather in the concourse for a discussion that you need to get on your feet for. 

Obsessed with the record
Free event – Wednesday 4 November 10am – 11.30am

Speakers: Dr
Brian Lobel [remote speaker] Artist, Public Engagement Fellow at Welcome Trust & Senior Lecturer at University of Chichester, Dr Paul Clarke [remote speaker], Lecturer, University of Bristol & Artist, Performance re-enactment society, Bec Dean Writer & Curator at Large, Performance Space, Jackson Eaton Artist & Co-founder, Nerida Dickinson Writer/ Critic, Realtime, Artshub, Australian Stage

Frame it, shoot it, post it, play it. How do we document one-on-one or participatory performances when fundamental to their existence is the live exchange that happens between audience and performer? Join us for a session exploring issues relating to creating legacies of live work.

Audience tours
Free event – 
Saturday 7 November 10am – 11.30am

Not sure what to expect with Proximity performances? We turn the typical artist talk on its head and place it confidently into the hands of our audiences. This gallery tour invites you to walk around AGWA with twelve proximity participants who share their accounts of this year’s program, followed by Q&A between the artist and audience.


Art Gallery of WA, Your Collection 1800-today display, 2015. Image by Matt Sav.