The 2014 Proximity Festival artists are: James Berlyn (WA), Caroline Garcia (NSW), Jen Jamieson (WA), Cat Jones (NSW), Loren Kronemeyer (USA), Tanya Lee (WA), Emily Parsons-Lord (NSW), Sylvia Rimat (UK), Hallie Shellam (VIC), Ian Sinclair (WA), Alina Tang (WA) and Toyi-Toyi Theatre (WA).

James Berlyn (WA) is an award-winning performer, maker and director based in Perth with over 25 years experience in dance, theatre, community arts and education. His work is often small-scale, intimate, and participatory, exploring the dynamics of task within the audience-performer relationship. Recent work includes: The Mikado, You Once Said Yes (Perth Festival), Tenebrae et Lux (Perth Festival), Variant (Sue Healey) and Elektra (Perth Festival). Recent original work includes Silent Drag Photo Booth of Berlyn (FOLA), Tawdry Heartburn’s Manic Cures (FOLA), Crash Course (PICA), and Dreamstore (Awesome Festival). He is the instigator and a co-founder of Proximity Festival, a founding co-director of Tracksuit, and a core artist with Performing Lines WA.

Caroline Garcia (NSW) is a Sydney based artist who makes performance through dance and gesture. Her work explores the sampling of cultural traditions, translocations of ritual and the mediation of the body in space. She recently exhibited at Firstdraft, MCA Artbar, and her collaborative work was featured in the Kaldor Palour Project for 13 Rooms. Her video work Autotwerk was screened at the Australia Centre for the Moving Image, as part the Channels Festival biennial. Caroline is currently part of the 2014 PACT Ensemble, and is completing her Honours in BDes Photography and Situated Media / BA in International Studies at University of Technology Sydney.

Jen Jamieson (WA) is a Perth based artist working across live-art, physical and durational performance and film. Her works are intimate and humorous, often blurring the line between the audience and artist. Jen created the booth (a video confession booth), and co-created shop till you drop: a 40-hour shopping crusade. She has created work for Visible City, Tiny Stadiums, Proximity Festival, Field Theory and PICA. Most recently Jen performed in I Think I Can (Perth Festival) by Martyn Coutts and Sam Routledge. She is a registered art therapist and obtained a MA (Art Therapy) from Edith Cowan University, a BA Hons (Media Studies/ International Studies) from Murdoch University.

Cat Jones (NSW) is an interdisciplinary artist, performer, writer and curator. Her work investigates concepts of sexual and gender politics, language,  human and inter-species empathy and anthropomorphism. She was Artistic Director of PACT Centre for Emerging Artists 2009 – 2012 and co-director of Electrofringe 2006-2007. In 2012 Cat won a Creative Australia Fellowship. Her recent work has been presented at performance studies 19 (Stanford), point B (New York), Proximity Festival 2013 (Perth), WIRED OPEN DAY (Muttama), and Adhocracy (Adelaide). In 2014 Cat has received a Synapse Residency from ANAT to work with leading Australian neuroscientists.

Loren Kronemyer (USA) is an international artist from Los Angeles, California. She uses scientific methodologies to create poetic, yet absurd interactions between individuals and the environment, investigating how the creative impulse marks and alters the living world. Recent shows include Life Drawing (UCLA Art|Sci Gallery); MYRIAD: Exploring Insect Communication (Free Range Gallery); Proximity Festival (Perth Institute of Contemporary Art) and the International Symposium of Electronic Art. Loren graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with a BFA in New Genres. She relocated to Perth in 2011 to work with SymbioticA and obtain a Masters of Biological Arts from the University of Western Australia.

Tanya Lee (WA) is a Perth based artist working across visual art,performance, video and drawing. Her practice draws on everyday tasks to create humorous and often futile narratives that subvert the rules, protocols and politics of suburbia. Tanya recently exhibited her first solo show Personal Space at Fremantle Arts Centre. She has also exhibited nationally as part of various artist run initiatives including Art Proper Collective in Sydney. Tanya completed a BA and Masters (Fine Art) at Curtin University, which included a year at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Dijon.

Emily Parsons-Lord (NSW) is an emerging visual artist from Sydney working across photography, performance, digital media and installation. Her practice explores plant biology, bioengineering and the possibilities of future ecologies.  Emily is currently undertaking research at SymbioticA using weeds as the conceptual framework to explore notions of the postnatural. Her recent exhibitions include: Escapees, Stowaways, Trespassers, and Freeloaders (GalleryEight), Air Plants and Helium (ArtLaab), and Endangered (Saatchi and Saatchi Gallery). Emily graduated from the University of New South Wales with Honours in Digital Photography, and she holds a Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies from Sydney University. 

Sylvia Rimat (UK) Born in Germany and based in Bristol, Sylvia Rimat creates original solo performances with a touch of the surreal.  Her work is characterised by playful audience interaction and strong visual aesthetics looking at consciousness, personal histories and the imagination. Sylvia’s work has been presented throughout theatres, galleries and public spaces in Europe, including the British Council Showcase at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, SPILL Festival (London), In Between Time (Bristol) and venues in Denmark, Poland, Germany and Spain. Sylvia is an In Between Time Associate Artist and a member of Residence in Bristol.

Hallie Shellam (VIC) is a Melbourne-based theatremaker, director, performer and dramaturg. She creates form-breaking performance work that investigates our relationships to space and the impact of ephemeral works in the information age. Hallie has worked with artists including POST, My Darling Patricia, Benedict Andrews, Willoh S. Weilland, and companies Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne Theatre Company, Sydney Theatre Company, Black Swan State Theatre Company, and Performance Space. She holds a Grad Dip Hons (Directing) from Victorian College of the Arts, a BDA (Acting) from National Institute of Dramatic Art and a BA (Theatre and Drama Studies) from Murdoch University.

Ian Sinclair (WA) is a Perth based playwright, director and performance artist whose practice explores escapism, contemporary mythopoesis and ambient theatre. Ian is an Equity Award winner, completed the Watermill Centre residency and Stages WA’s Ground Floor Programs, and recently received the Australia Council Early Career Residency under Perth Theatre Company. His credits include Rabbithead, Hang, The Little Mermaid, Bird Boy, Adam and Eve, and The Bearskinner. His writing credits include Acts of Undressing for The Duck House, and Hachiko and Farm for Spare Parts Puppet Theatre. Ian holds a BA in Contemporary Performance (Hons) from Edith Cowan University.

Alina Tang (WA) is a Perth based emerging artist working in printmaking, performance and installation to examine romantic love, intimacy, and relationships. She is co-director at Paper Mountain, one half of of Shiritori Press, and works as an artist assistant at Beau Est Mien. Her recent work includes 27 Days of Pretend Love with Steven Finch (25under25), Blackout (Paper Mountain), Run Artist Run (Paper Mountain) and i will love you like crazy and more than anyone forever: part IV (Light Locker Art Space). Alina is currently completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Design at Curtin University.

Toyi-Toyi Theatre (WA) are dancer/choreographer Tarryn Runkel and performer/writer Laura Hopwood. Their dance-theatre work is socially engaged and aims to catalyse authentic conversation. Toyi-Toyi Theatre’s work The Agony, the Ecstasy and i (The Blue Room Theatre) explored Western complicity in Chinese sweatshop labour, with particular focus on the Foxconn factories used by Apple Inc. Currently in development, The Museum of Immigration is an investigation into the past, present and future of immigration in Australia in an immersive museum setting. Toyi-Toyi performed in Strut Dance’s Short Cuts and Paperland (The Blue Room Theatre) winner of the 2014 Fringe World Dance Award.

Proximity Festival 2014 Key Note: Manifestos Photo: Jarrad Seng