A key-note and two panel sessions each punctuated by a different provocation.
Cosy up to a group of artists, curators and thinkers as they discuss one-on-one.

Saturday 26 October, 2 – 5pm
PICA Performance Space

KEY NOTE | The fantastic fear of intimacy
Risk, trust, magic and fun. What are the stakes and what are the pay-offs in one-on-one?

James Berlyn – Co-curator Proximity Festival
Sarah Rowbottam – Co-curator/ Producer Proximity Festival
Kelli Mccluskey – Provocateur Proximity Festival

SESSION 1 | Why one-on-one?
What is the role of one-on-one for an artist, for an audience and for a presenter? How do you make it, how do you program it and where is its place in the touring circuit?

Jennifer Jamieson – Proximity Festival Artist 2012
Jonathan Holloway – Artistic Director Perth International Arts Festival
Pip Wittenoom – Program Manager Emerging Experimental Arts Australia Council
Jackie Johnston – Associate Producer Arts House
Bec Dean – Co-Director Performance Space

SESSION 2 | What is intimacy and what is too intimate?
What are the boundaries of intimacy between audience and performer? How is intimacy created and how do we know when we’ve gone too far?

Julie Vulcan – Independent Artist Acting Artistic Director/CEO PACT centre for emerging artists
Janet Carter – Proximity Festival Artist 2012/13
Nikki Heywood – Independent Artist
James Berlyn – Co-Curator Proximity Festival

Proximity Festival Workshop & Forum (2013) Photo: Jarrad Seng