Program C


Incendia Lascivio

You’re invited to destroy an artwork and make another.
Share in a process that harnesses the elemental power of fire to rework micro-sculptures of iconic West Australian flora.
Is this for me? An instructional performance that involves melting and re-casting metal. Protective gear provided.
Artist: Sarah Elson


The Mark

Find your mark, size them up and make a decision: hunt or be hunted.
This game will have you questioning the psychological boundaries of role-play.
Is this for me? No wheelchair access. Involves using imitation firearms.
Artist: Moya Thomas


Meditation on the breath

You and I, face to face, knowingly sharing what we already unconsciously share every time we breathe.
Undertake a guided meditation with the artist. Don’t forget to keep breathing.
Is this for me? For those who don’t mind confined spaces.
Artist: Janet Carter and Nikki Jones


The Gallery of Impermanent Things

An exhibition lasting the duration of the night.
Sit for the artist and leave a temporary trace of yourself in a glowing portrait gallery.
Is this for me? For those who are interested in portraiture and memory.
Artist: Daniel Nevin

Photos: Fionn Mulholland