Program B


Where You End & I Begin
Rachel Ariane Ogle | West End Gallery

An intimate dance performance in a room of infinite possibilities.
Join the artist in a game of perception, perspective and shifting dynamics. Who is the leader and who is being led? 

Is this for me? For those who don’t mind being watched or watching another.


Ian Sinclair | Kitchen

A time capsule of twenty-something domestic bliss: lazing on the couch, eating snacks and watching movies.
You don’t have to speak. You don’t have to be physical. It’s about comfort. It’s about achieving contentment?
Is this for me? For those who don’t mind rugging up on the couch.


Prior Arrangement
Janet Pettigrew | Gallery One

Our final act of intimacy with another human will be one we are not even aware of.
This is a living exploration of the appointment we all have scheduled but haven’t put into our diary.
Is this for? A sensory experience for those who don’t mind being touched with gentle persuasion.


String Duet
Leon Hendroff & Emma Craig | Screen Space

A meditation on connection. Sit face to face with a puppeteer and bring to life the marionette between you.
Is this for me? A collaborative performance for those who would like the chance to exert a degree
of creative control. No puppetry experience required.

Photos: Fionn Mulholland