Program A


Elise Reitze | Performance Space

An immersive sonic experience. Surrounded by percussion, a bespoke sound score is created for and with you.
Is this for me? For those who don’t mind being encircled by instruments or the sound of their own voice.


The Plantarum : Empathic Limb Clinic
Cat Jones & Melissa Hunt | Central Gallery

A conversation between the human mind and flora. Housed in PICA’s Central Gallery The Plantarum,
a mobile field laboratory of micro-experiments, offers you the chance to reconsider your relationship with nature.
Is this for me? A sensory experience for those not afraid to experiment with plants.


Humphrey Bower | Tower Studio

Asterion’s house has an infinite number of doors open day and night. He’s expecting a visitor.
A blindfolded experience in one of PICA’s most hidden spaces.
Is this for me? For those who aren’t afraid of being in complete darkness.


Remains Management Services
Loren Kronemyer | Admin Office

At Remains Management Services your representative will guide you to a personalised path that is right for your future.
Rest easy knowing you will be taken care of in perpetuity.
Is this for me? For those who are comfortable talking about what we are made of.

Photos: Fionn Mulholland