Program C

Mobile Moments: Series 2 (2012) Sarah Nelson

Sarah Nelson | Perth Cultural Centre

Take a gentle turn on a trike bike departing from the foyer of The Blue Room Theatre and ride your way around the cultural centre.
Mobile conversations flow as your film portraiture is taken in the glow of a late summer afternoon.
Is this for me?  A roving performance for those who like tandem biking and vox-pops.

The Union_WEB

Renae Coles | Office

Have you ever been wrongly accused and unable to prove your innocence?
Have you been inflicted by an injustice, however small, and not known how to combat it? Perhaps THE UNION can help…
Is this for me?  For those with a miniscule axe to grind who are seeking the chance to vent.

Sweet Life (2012) James Berlyn

James Berlyn | Kaos Room

Sweetlife is a kind of message in a kind of game.  But you have to choose how to receive the message.
And afterwards, you’ll have to figure out what to do with it. So, is your life sweet enough, and would you
make it any sweeter if you knew how much you had left?  Time’s up!
Is this for me?  For those into lollies, game play and existential modification.

Glory Hole Beard (2012) Jackson Eaton

Glory Hole Beard
Jackson Eaton | Male Toilets

Get up close and personal with an undeniable symbol of adult masculinity, the fulsome beard.
In combination with a subversion of the sub-cultural sexual icon, the glory hole, this work is provocative, challenging and funny.
Is it for me?  For those who are interested in beards and don’t mind wandering into the male toilets for a peek.