Program B

Ush and Them (2012) Nikki Jones

Ush and Them
Nikki Jones | Entire Building

A contemplation of preparation, dedication and confusion with some useful tips and historical anecdotes to boot.
Or, as the artist described it, a holistic journey through the corridors of directional indecision, finally arriving with a sense of ‘arrivalment’.
Is this for me? 
 A promenade performance for those who don’t mind a circuitous walk or the odd set of stairs.

Fragmentation 1.0 (2012) Hellen Russo 

Fragmentation 1.2
Hellen Russo | Studio

A chance to sit inches away from a powerful dance work of energy and restraint.
Into a darkened space the audience member will become both lighting designer and operator for
this physical performance inspired by Salvador Dali’s painting, Hallucinogenic Toreador.

Is this for me?  A dance installation for those who don’t mind sitting up close and holding a
torch during the performance. Contains partial nudity.

Flush (2012) Janet Carter

Janet Carter | Bar

How’s about a game of poker? What are we playing for? Clothes.
Sit face to f ace with the artist and try your hand at getting a full house.
What are the rules and who gets to set them? What are your limits what are the artist’s?
Is this for me?
For those who like to take risks have some fun and gamble.
What are the boundaries to your comfort? No poker skills necessary. Potential nudity.

How close do you want me? (2012) Russya Connor

How Close Do You Want Me?
Russya Connor | Main Theatre

Drawing from the writings of Rainer Maria Rilke, this is a bedtime story experience like no other.
Using a surprisingly diverse range of skills you are invited to rest your head on the pillow and experience an unexpected cosiness.
Is this for me?
 For those who are happy to listen and watch a performance with nothing more to do than lying on a bed.