Program A

Hydrosis (2012) Janette McGinty


Janette McGinty | Storeroom

A humorous look at the turmoil bodily function can have on a contemporary employee.
Hydrosis is an example of the lengths to which we will go when trying to make our involuntary secretions behave.

Is this for me? For those who don’t mind a little sweat. Not suitable for those who suffer from intense claustrophobia.

How to have a 3 minute shower (2012) Jen Jamieson

How To Have A 3 Minute Shower
Jen Jamieson | Dressing Room

A live-art work exploring the practical realities of one particular sustainability bugbear – the domestic shower.
Leading by example, learn how to get it all done, save the planet and come out smelling as fresh as an environmentally-aware daisy in 3 minutes.
Is this for me?  For those who are concerned about sustainable water use. It’s your choice to participate if offered the chance. Potential nudity.

Your Private Hoofer (2012) Claudia Alessi

Your Private Hoofer
Claudia Alessi & Rhiannon Newton | Old Office

A bespoke tap dance tailor-made for and with each audience member; no two performances are ever alike.
Both dancer and audience member make the big
creative choices that decide the trajectory of the performance prior to its one and only premiere for one.
Is this for me?  A personalised dance solo for those who would like the chance to exert a degree of creative control in the work.

Slowfood Sunday (2012) Sarah Rowbottam

Slowfood Sunday
Sarah Rowbottam | Kitchen

You’re invited to Sundaydinner. Don’t worry about bringing anything; we have a fridge full of locally harvested produce and backyard surplus foods ready to be transformed into a mini banquette. This is a chance for 12 audience members to cut, blend, mix, taste and chat over good wholesome slowfood cooking in a makeshift home kitchen. The table will be set at 6pm and all 12 audience members who helped prepare the meal are invited to a free Sunday dinner.
Is this for me?  A live-art performance for those who don’t mind having a good ole yarn in the kitchen and value real food made real slow. No cooking skills necessary.

Special thanks to Bernie from The Organic Collective, Royce Alido and all of the local growers and WA farmers who have shared their produce and stories.