Proximity 2012

22 January – 19 February 2012
The Blue Room Theatre, Perth Western Australia

Presented by The Blue Room Theatre and Proximity Festival as part of Fringe World

In January 2012 Perth will be home to Australia’s first independent micro-festival of one-on-one art Proximity. 

Curated by James Berlyn and Sarah Rowbottam with Provocateur Kelli Mccluskey, Proximity is a chance to get up close and personal with theatre, dance and live-art in a radically intimate way.

Held over four glorious summer Sunday afternoons during the Summer Nights Festival and Perth Fringe World, Proximity will transform every corner of the two-storey Blue Room Theatre building with 12 world premiere performances tailor-made for an audience of one.

Experience a private tap dance, go on a tandem bike ride, discover how sweet your life is, join THE UNION, test your limits with a game of strip poker, learn how to take a 3 minute shower or help prepare a 3 hour slowfood mini-banquette.

Combine four shows into a one-hour experience made just for you, or see the entire program over three hours if you dare.

Due to the one audience member principle of Proximity, tickets are limited to 144 patrons.

Curator: James Berlyn Curator/ Producer: Sarah Rowbottam Provocatuer: Kelli Mccluskey
Artists:  Claudia Alessi, James Berlyn, Janet Carter, Renae Coles, Russya Connor, Jackson Eaton, Jen Jamieson, Nikki Jones, Janette McGinty, Sarah Nelson, Sarah Rowbottam and Helen Russo.
Stage Manager: Mary Wolfla Volunteers: Emily Chancellor, Tom Cramond and Palmy Palida

Click here to download the complete 2012 Proximity Festival Program.