Four years into Proximity Festival and we are still in awe of the diverse responses from artists who continue to push, pull and rattle the cage of what one-on-one encounters can be.

Our occupation of the Art Gallery of WA during the day has enabled us to consider ways in which live artists can impact on this iconic institution and its visitors. As we infiltrate the galleries, stairwells, boardrooms and rooftops, our artists are embracing the brutalist architecture and segmented geometry with warmth, intelligence and curiosity.

This year our artists are stargazing, re-mapping borders, immersing you in the sound of the wetlands, disappearing in cinematic imagination, snap chatting, sex talking, singing Whitney, colliding, confronting and romancing.

As our wonderful provocateur this year, Helen Cole [In-between Time, UK] has said, “It’s not to you, or at you, but with you and for you”.

And so, this is for you dear audience.

With much love and respect,

Kelli & Sarah

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